Guide Book 2079 Made Public By Curriculum Development Center

May 8, Kathmandu- Guide book 2079 has been made public for the implementation of the letter grading system.

The curriculum development center has made the booklet public with the objective of establishing the system of evaluating students through letter grading system in all classes of school education as per the need and making the letter grading system more effective to help the teachers and all concerned. This includes the introduction of letter gadding system, its practice in school education in Nepal, the existing grading system of school education, and the method of preparing results using it.

It has been mentioned that the student rating should help in collecting, interpreting, archiving, analyzing the data related to the student's achievement, and re-planning the learning by getting the necessary support in the learning based on the information obtained. Student evaluation should focus on continuously assessing student learning and identifying whether the learning achievement is specified in the curriculum, use assessment results to improve learning facilitation activities and improve student learning and use evaluation results to support educational policy-making decisions. Adding to the need, the book has been made public.