Dissatisfaction Over The Staff Management Assigned To The Election

May 10, Kathmandu- The teachers have warned not to go to the field saying that they have been given the responsibility to tarnish the dignity of the teachers deployed in the election.

The District Committee of the Nepal Teachers Federation, Ramechhap, has expressed disagreement saying that serious attention has been paid to the management of the teaching staff. In this regard, the professional organizations of Ramechhap active teachers have also drawn the attention of the Election Office Ramechhap. It is also said that the teachers are worried that the self-esteem of the teachers has been lowered due to the responsibilities assigned to them by ignoring the class and grade level of the teachers.

In addition, it has been demanded to manage the staff in such a way that the dignity of the teacher is not compromised. They were warned that they would not be compelled to go to the designated work area without staff management as per their demand and they have made it clear that the concerned body would be fully responsible for the impact.