Why Is The Police Silent For The Justice Of Animals?

Aug 5, Kathmandu- The planet earth which is a common home for every living and non-living creature is being ruled by humans all alone. Humans decide the lives of many vulnerable animals. In some areas of the world, people do not follow the necessary rules made under the rights of animals and tend to harm them. Among all the animal cruelty cases around the world dog assassination is a major one. There have been a lot of brutal cases of dogs being murdered around the world. Not only to get rid of depression but those speechless dogs get murdered also for satisfaction. Some people spend millions to get a dog that only wants love in return are stabbed for controlling their anger. While the world is engrossed in the thinking of the 21st century, we are not even able to behave kindly to animals.

Among all the places where animal cruelty has been neglected but is a major issue, Nepal comes forward. Over a thousand cases where people kill animals knowing that they are weak and vulnerable are ignored to even be filed. Thinking that they are not human-related cases, the murder of dogs is neglected in every authorized area. Even though there are various criminal procedures that provide for offenses related to animals, locals including related authorities tend to ignore them.

In recent days, a video of a woman killing a stray dog is going viral on social media. The dog which accidentally bit the woman's child was murdered by her brutally. A woman identified as Junu Baram of Tarakeshwor Municipality-4 brutally murdered a stray dog with a sharp weapon. The CCTV footage of the incident was taken by her neighbors to the police station as well, for filing a case of animal cruelty against Baram. The police then replied, "It's just a dog, killing animals is not a big issue to be filed". As the incident went viral on social media, various types of debates have started to take place on animal rights. Some people are arguing in favor of the accused woman, while others have called it a painful incident and demanded necessary action against the accused woman. Some people have asked for action against the police who refused to bring up the case. Will that vulnerable creature ever get justice?

Not only the common public, but the people in high posts like Kathmandu Municipality-30 Chairman Dal Bahadur Karki are against dogs' presence in society. He had pronounced in an executive meeting that he is in search of drugs that could kill dogs. He had said, "I would've killed 25,000 dogs all at once if it was possible somehow, I've previously killed dogs on my own, so, it's not so difficult for me to kill more". Is it reasonable to think for a person in a dignified position like a ward chairman to kill innocent animals like so? Will he be brought under the lawsuit or will he be left because he is a ward chairman?

With the development of social networks, such traumatic incidents are coming out nowadays. It is not that such cases are fully ignored. Sometimes, the moots on animal cruelty are also hoisted in the parliament house, but those talks are only chained to speeches and not into actions. The laws against animal cruelty are stuck on paper and law files. Is justice made only for mankind? If so, was it necessary to print it in the law for animals?

In the Hindu festival Tihar, Hindus worship those dogs. For that one festival, even if they are not in the surrounding areas, people search for them and provide delicious food and show affection towards them but dogs face cruel behavior from the same people on regular days. It won't be wrong to say that a dog is an animal that gets respect only for the day of Tihar, would it?

What is the legal punishment for killing dogs?

Chapter 27 of the Civil Code of Criminal Procedure 2074 provides for offenses related to animals and birds. In Section 290 of the Code, anyone beats, hits or carries any animal or bird more than it can carry and runs beyond its capacity or makes a person unable to work due to illness, injury, fatigue, or any other reason to work or consumes harmful substances or tortures in any other way or It is mentioned that one should not abandon the animals and birds that one keeps in public because they are sick or old or behave in any other way in a cruel or cruel way.

The person who commits or causes the said offense shall be punished with imprisonment up to three months or a fine of up to five thousand rupees or both. Section 289 of the Code provides for imprisonment of up to three years for killing such animals. Imprisonment for up to 6 months in case of mutilation. Sick and old animals should not be left in public places, and there is a provision of imprisonment for three months and a fine of five thousand for doing such an act.

This planet has been very unsafe for not only dogs but other animals too. Many speechless animals are slaughtered for the purpose of offering to the deity as well. The animals are mostly killed for their meat. If it continues like this, after a few decades it is impossible for other species to exist except humans. Although there is a right to animal justice if the relevant authorities do not care, saying they are just animals, it is likely that such incidents will increase rapidly in the near future. Every creature should be able to live independently and freely. Dogs protect our house from evil people, therefore it is wise humans' duty to protect their rights.