President Bhandari Has Prepared To Validate The Citizenship Bill


Aug 7, Kathmandu: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has prepared to validate the Citizenship Bill with the appointment of a new secretary.

Secretary Yadav Koirala who is in the additional group of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office will be appointed to the President's Office on Monday along with the appointment. The Citizenship Bill will be approved, a source in the President's Office has informed Thaha Khabar.

"President Bhandari has no intention of not validating the Citizenship Bill," the source said, "even the change of secretary has delayed it for a few days, not stopped it." The President's Office bid farewell to Secretary Dr. Toyanarayan Gyawali who was transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, on Sunday.

The President's Office has prepared to welcome Secretary Yadav Koirala, who is in the additional group of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office, on Monday. President Bhandari is preparing to certify the Citizenship Bill after the appointment of the new secretary, according to a source in the President's Office. Sources have claimed that President Bhandari has no intention of not validating the Citizenship Bill.

The Citizenship Bill is now in the pipeline for verification among those that have been passed by both Houses of Parliament and have reached the President's office for verification. "Normally, the bill is verified in 8/10 days," the source said, "There is no truth in the fact that it is not verified and returned as is rumored."

Civil society leaders have requested President Bidya Devi Bhandari not certify the Citizenship Bill. The leaders of the civil society, who came to Shilatniwas with a letter of request on Sunday, requested not to verify the Citizenship Bill saying that it is not beneficial for the country.

Co-Convenor of the Study Working Group Narayan Sharma held a press conference in Kathmandu and termed the Citizenship Bill an extreme anti-national bill. He said that this bill will endanger the very existence of the country. As patriotic citizens, they mentioned that they campaigned against this bill.

In a press conference, CPN Male Secretary General CP Mainali commented that the Citizenship Bill is against the current state law. He said that the Citizenship Bill was passed on fast-track for the election.

Govind Bohora of Patriotic Civil Society said that he asked President Bidyadevi Bhandari to remember the purpose and spirit of Madan Bhandari and asked him to return the citizenship bill. He emphasized that the President should send the citizenship bill back to the honorable Parliament.

Foreign expert Hiranyalal Shrestha alleged that the bill was passed by the parliament as a fast track for the election. He also alleged that such a game is being played to win those who take India's side in the upcoming elections and defeat those who oppose it.