New Feature On Instagram, Full-screen Photo Upload

Aug 8, Kathmandu- The photo and video sharing app Instagram is once again preparing to copy one more feature of TikTok.

Instagram, which has been criticized for copying the features of TikTok in recent days, is now preparing to introduce the full-screen feature on its platform.

Instagram is testing an ultra-tall photo feature with a 9:16 aspect ratio for its platform. It is said that this feature will be launched soon after the next two weeks of testing.

In his weekly Ask Me Anything column, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said - On Instagram, you can now have tall videos (9:16 aspect ratio), but until now there was no feature available to view such large photos. So we are also working on the ultra tall photo feature with 9:16 aspect ratio. With this, you can now view the best content of large-sized photos and videos on fullscreen. We are going to work on testing it in the next couple of weeks.

Remember that currently, only the 4:5 aspect ratio feature is available for sharing photos on Instagram. If the photo is larger than that, Instagram will crop the photo itself.

After the new feature, you will be able to share the fullscreen size photo on Instagram.

Remember, recently Instagram was criticized for copying the features of TikTok. Instagram has released a new feature called Fullscreen Video Feed.

Instagram's changes have also been criticized by influential celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.