'Nalapani' Teaser Has Been Released


Sep 23, Kathmandu: The teaser of the film 'Nalapani' which is based on a historical story has been released it teaser. The movie will come to the hall on October 21.

The 1-minute 41-second teaser released during a program in Kathmandu on Thursday shows the battle fought by the Nepalese against the English army. The background score and battle scenes in the teaser are awesome.

Directed by Rimesh Adhikari, the film is based on the historical battle fought by Bir Balbhadra Kunwar, who was the captain of the Nepalese army in the British-Nepalese war at Nalapani Gadhi in Dehradun in 1814. The research and writing of 'Nalapani', which was declared a special film by the Film Development Board two years ago, was done by Rimesh Adhikari and Krishna Acharya.

Prof. Dr. Historians Prof. Dr. Dhanraj Kunwar, Prof. Dr. Triratna Manandhar, Prof. Dinesh Raj Pant, Prof. Dr. Surendra KC, former assistant Rathi Dr. "Nalapani" was prepared based on the book "Military History" published by the Nepali Army after many discussions with Prem Singh Basnyat. The film features Patriot Khanal, Arjunjung Shahi, Santosh Pant, Manoj Shakya, Vishal Pahari, Vijay Bishphot, Poojana Pradhan, Geeta Adhikari, Mahavir Vishwakarma, Ishaan Biju Shrestha, Hikmat Thapaliya, Sharita Rajopadhyay, Lakshmi Nath,

Gayatri Ghimire, Janak Bertaula, Vishal Shrestha, Shahina Bhattarai, Geet Bisht, Yugjung Karki, Siman Khadka, Sushil Khadka (David), Child Actor Tejashwi Gurung, Hardik Thaplia, Pranis Shakya, Nirman Thaplia as well as Foreign Actors Androin Duncan, Rachel Molles, Paul Wickinson And Sam and others are acting. Associate producer of 'Nalapani' is Sapan Kumar Thapa, co-producer Ganesh Karki, executive producer Ghanendra Thapaliya and producers Manoj Shakya and Rimesh Adhikari.