Number Of People Going To Village For Celebrating Dashain Is Increasing, Over 3 Lakh People Left The Valley

Sept 29, Kathmandu- The number of people going to villages for Dashain has started to increase.

Almost three lakhs people have left Kathmandu Valley since 'Ghatasthapana'. According to the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office, nearly 3 lakh passengers have already left through private and public vehicles. In the last 24 hours, 71,763 people have left through various checkpoints in the valley. The number of people leaving the valley will increase from today. The traffic police keep a check on the exiting passengers at all the crossings of the valley. The number of exits from Chabhil, Jagati, Balkhu, Thankot, and other checkpoints in private and public transport is collected.

It is estimated that nearly two million people will leave the valley during Dashain this year.