Alliance Party Can Be Formed Under The Leadership Of Congress: KC

Sept 29, Kathmandu- Nepali Congress leader Khemraj KC has objected to the recommendation of proportional candidates by the establishment side.

He said that it is possible for the Nepali Congress to form a two-thirds government in the next election if the list can be revised and tickets distributed equally. At the tea party organized by the disaffected group in Kathmandu on Thursday, he said that due to relatives and mates in the party, tickets were not distributed fairly.

Some things are seen in the party by their kingship, abandoning that system, same ones should distribute intensively', leader KC said, 'if tickets are distributed fairly, the government can be formed as a coalition under the leadership of Nepali Congress. It is possible if the establishment and the other parties sit together and distribute tickets in a fair manner, but if there is no fair distribution of tickets, it cannot be said that this situation will not occur.