Russia's Oil Depot Fires After Ukraine Drone Attack (Video)

Nov 30, Kathmandu- A terrible fire broke out at an oil depot in the Bryansk region of Russia on Wednesday morning after a drone attack by Ukraine.

Three tanks containing thousands of tons of diesel caught fire at 6 am local time.

According to Russian media, one of the drones dropped explosives on the fuel tanks.

It is said that there were no casualties in the incident.

In the video taken immediately after the incident, flames and plumes of smoke can be seen coming out of two tanks. Due to the explosion, the inside of the tank was also crushed.

Although Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the incident, it is believed that it attacked the place where supplies are supplied to the soldiers on the western border of Russia.

Ukraine has been continuously attacking the three regions of Russia that connect with Northern Ukraine, Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod.