Saugat Malla Making A New Film Collaborating With Director Pandit

Nov 30, Kathmandu- Film director Manoj Pandit and actor Saugat Malla collaborated on the previous two films.

Saugat acted in the films 'Dasdhunga' and 'Badhashala' directed by Pandit. Now Manoj and Saugat are going to collaborate again in a new film. Pandit has given the indication of collaboration.

“After Dasdhunga and Badshala, we are collaborating on a hat-trick project. In this, the presentation of Saugat Malla will be grand”, Manoj wrote while sharing a photo of the meeting on Facebook on Wednesday.

After the last film 'Ek', Manoj was preparing a new script. On November 20, he became a candidate for the House of Representatives election from Kavre-2 and was defeated.

Former Minister Gokul Baskota was elected in his constituency.

Manoj had said that he was writing a new script after losing the election.