Counting Of Votes In Bajura Has Not Started Yet

Dec 01, Kathmandu- Although the Election Commission has decided on Wednesday to repeat the stalled counting of votes in Bajura, it has not started yet.

After the commission decided to count the votes, the office of the chief election officer called an all-party meeting in Bajura, but CPN-UML Bajura is protesting.

A meeting was called to be held at 7 am on Thursday morning. However, UML was not going to participate.

On the other hand, the Office of the Chief Election Officer, Bajura said that efforts are being made to reach an agreement.

UML Bajura Secretary Bharat Thapa has said that they will not participate in the meeting until Chetan Aydi's killers are prosecuted and the youths who were arrested during the peaceful protest for Aydi's justice are unconditionally released.