Girl Died After Being Crushed By A Cupboard

Dec 01, Kathmandu- A two-and-a-half-year-old girl of Agnisaira Krishnasavaran Rural Municipality-6 of Saptari, who was seriously injured by being crushed by a cupboard, died during treatment.

Yojana Karki, the daughter of local Kubair Karki, died on Wednesday during treatment at a neuro hospital in Biratnagar after she was seriously injured by a drawer placed in her neighbor's house. Locals said that the dead girl's body was brought home on Wednesday and cremated. Grandfather Arjun Karki said that his granddaughter, who had gone to play at her neighbor Lalit Mehta's house at 9 am on Monday, was crushed by a drawer in his house.

Karki says that her granddaughter, who was unconscious after being pressed by a drawer, died during treatment at a neuro hospital in Biratnagar.