Robots Have Got The Right To Shoot People!

Dec 01, Kathmandu- The police in San Francisco, USA, have got the right to use robots during the war. Along with this, the robot is able to shoot people.

As the lives of security personnel are at risk during war and skirmishes, the CT Board has decided to grant shooting rights to robots as an alternative.

For this, a new legal arrangement has also been made. It has been mentioned that 8 people agreed and only 3 people disagreed in the voting in the board for the passage of the law.

Also, the guns and vehicles that the robot can use have also been decided. Bearcat Arm Vehicle, Flash-Bang Grenades, and 15 more Submachine Guns can be used.

There are currently 17 robots with the San Francisco Police Department. 12 of them are fully in use.

Currently, these robots are only working to identify and defuse the bomb. However, now these robots as well as other robots have been given the right to use guns.