Category A Cricketers Get A Monthly Salary Of Rs 60,000

May 25, Kathmandu- Stating that the remuneration of Nepali cricketers should be increased according to the time, the Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) has increased the remuneration of the players belonging to all the three grades in the national cricket team. According to CAN, the salaries of male and female players of the national cricket team have been increased. On the male side, the salary has been increased by Rs 10,000 per player. Category A players will now get Rs 60,000. Players of category B will get Rs 50,000 and players of C category will get Rs 40,000.

The salary of A and B Category players of women cricketers have increased by Rs 6,000 per month. The female players of A class will get Rs 21,000 monthly, B grade players will get Rs 18,000 monthly and C grade players will get Rs 15,000 monthly.

CAN has been categorizing cricketers into three grades based on their performance in the 2017 calendar year. A meeting of CAN's working committee was held on Tuesday. The meeting decided to increase the players' remuneration.