222 Million Children Worldwide Deprived Of Schooling: UN

Jun 25,  Kathmandu- According to the United Nations, 222 million children around the world are currently out of school. A report released by the United Nations this week states that 222 million children have not been able to attend school due to long-term conflict, emergencies, disaster, and poverty.

Earlier, in 2016, the number of those who could not go to school despite being of school age was 75 million. Girls make up 54 percent of the children who are not allowed to go to school. Out of those who could not go to school, 17 percent were displaced and could not go to school.

A report by the United Nations Global Fund for Education (ECW) shows that disasters and long-term crises caused by climate change following armed conflict and forced displacement deprive children of schooling. Nearly two-thirds of out-of-school children are in conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan, Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen.