2.37 Billion Budget For Godawari Municipality

Jun 25,  Kathmandu- Godawari Municipality has allocated Rs. 2.37 billion by giving priority to infrastructure development, health, and education. A budget of Rs. 350 million has been allocated for infrastructure in the budget and program of the fiscal year 2079/80 presented by the Deputy Chief Muna Adhikari in the 11th Municipal Council of the municipality on Friday. Similarly, Rs. 300 million has been allocated for administrative expenditure, Rs. 50 million for education and Rs. 30 million for health.

Rs. 15 million has been allocated for agriculture and Rs. 19 million for disaster management. A budget of Rs. 30 million has been allocated for maintenance, Rs. 40 million for the construction of the technical college, Rs. 40 million for Thecho Champi Kharsi Bridge, Rs. 40 million for drinking water, Rs. 20 million for waste management and Rs. The policy and program of the municipality have a long-term vision of making Godawari prosperous and advanced, including agriculture, tourism, social development, and construction of sustainable physical infrastructure with the slogan of 'Inclusive, Clean, and Prosperous Godawari without Agricultural Infrastructure and Tourism'.

The policy and program presented by the Deputy Chief Officer of the city aim to develop agriculture, tourism, and industry as integrated/prosperous cities by building integrated and prosperous cities. The policy program, which has given priority to economic, social, infrastructure, environment, and disaster management, aims to develop, expand and commercialize the agricultural sector and tourism sector.

It has been said that to make school education more quality and result-oriented, to develop it as a prosperous city by developing basic urban infrastructure in the municipal area, to make economic growth and economic development by making maximum use of internal resources, means, opportunities and capacity in the municipal area and to promote good governance in the city.