VoLTE Service Also Launched On Ncell Network

Aug 4, Kathmandu- Ncell Axiata Limited, a private mobile service provider company, has launched HD Voice Call (Voice over LTE) service based on 4G LTE technology.

The company which is expanding the 4G LTE service across the country has started it by providing HD voice service based on it.

The company, which has been planning to launch VoLTE service for a long time, has enabled Volte in its 4G network. Ncell has stated that this service will not work on all mobile phones for the time being.

According to the company, at present VoLTE's system is enabled only on Huawei's 'Nova 3' model smartphones. At present, Ncell's VoLTE service is only available on Nova 3. Gradually, other brands of devices are being integrated into the system.

He said that the company will officially launch the service after it is enabled in all mobile brand systems.

Along with that, users will also get HD voice calls on Ncell's network. This service has already been launched by government-owned Nepal Telecom.

Ncell started this service about one and a half years after Telecom launched the service. Telecom has also provided high-quality video calls to the customers on VoLTE.

However, in the case of Ncell, it is said that video calls will not be available at the initial stage.