Phishing Attack On Social Media In The Name of NCELL

Aug 8, Kathmandu:  Telecom service provider NCELL Asiata has asked its customers to be aware that misleading material has been shared by misusing the company’s name and logo.

Issuing a notification, the company has misused its name, logo, and advertising design of some recent offers and is luring users through various Facebook pages and links, and asking them to be careful and not click on the respective pages or links. requested to do for propaganda.

NCELL also warns that there is a risk of your personal details being stolen and your account hacked if you believe in the deceptive promotion of such unauthorized pages, links, or websites. Lately, there has been a growing trend of phishing on social media by creating pages that look like reputable companies.

By creating Facebook pages in the name of Nepal Telecom, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, various Internet Service Providers, mobile brands, etc., cybercriminals have promoted posts containing phishing links with misleading information.

As such, the activity of phishing attacks is rampant as a trap for users to keep their personal details and hack their accounts. Ansel has requested to get the necessary information from its official website and social media page itself.