Dialysis Equipment For 537 Patients, 78 Only

Aug 9, Kathmandu- Dialysis service for patients with kidney-related problems in Makwanpur is very good. Due to the lack of adequate dialysis machines, patients with kidney-related problems in Makwanpur are not getting dialysis services easily. Although free dialysis services are being operated at Hetauda Hospital and Chure Hill Hospital at the government level, dialysis has become ineffective due to lack of sufficient manpower and machines.

Currently, there are 537 patients who need dialysis in Makwanpur. However, there is a mechanism that can provide dialysis services for only 78 people in the district, due to which 459 patients are forced to go outside the district. According to the data from Hetaunda Hospital, 537 kidney-related patients in Makwanpur have to undergo dialysis.

Hetauda Hospital Management and Development Committee member Utsav Chaulagai said that it is still not easy for dialysis patients in Makwanpur. He responded that five hundred and thirty-seven patients were required to undergo dialysis and currently only 78 patients were receiving the service, so a large number of patients had to be deprived of receiving dialysis services in Hetaunda itself.

According to committee member Chaulagai, currently, 45 people are receiving services from 10 machines in Hetauda Hospital in a week. Dialysis has been started in Hetauda Hospital since Ashadha. Multinational company Unilever provided 2 machines, Hetauda sub-metropolitan city 2 machines, 1 machine for Shivam cement, and 3 machines for Bagmati state government were put into operation for dialysis.

At present, 8 machines are operating in the hospital. Chaulagai said that two more machines will be put into operation from Bhadra and three shifts will be operated. The hospital claims that the dialysis service has become healthy due to the lack of manpower along with machines. 7 people including two nephrologists are required. At present, there are only five people in the hospital, including one nephrologist.

Similarly, Aarogya Foundation is providing dialysis service through three machines in Chure Hill. Krishna Katuwal, president of Chure Hill Hospital, said that 36 people will undergo dialysis in a week. President Katuwal informed that the hospital provided only the space and all the management machines were being operated by the Arogya Foundation.