Taiwanese Foreign Minister Claims That China Is In The Final Stages Of Attack

Aug 9, Kathmandu- Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has said that China is making final preparations for an attack.

He said that the military exercises conducted by China in the border area are intensifying and the final preparations for the attack are being made. He said that China has violated the maritime border with Taiwan, which has seriously affected the regional peace, stability, and security of Taiwan.

Taiwanese officials have alleged that since last Wednesday, China has sent more than 120 fighter jets over the border between the two countries. In response to China, Taiwan has mobilized fighter planes and sea vessels. According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, 39 warplanes and 13 warships arrived in Taiwanese waters around 5 pm on Monday.

In addition, 21 Chinese military jets crossed the border and entered Taiwanese waters yesterday. After US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China has become angry against Taiwan. China has previously said that if necessary, it can use force against Taiwan to reconcile with China.