Messages Sent On WhatsApp Can Now Be Returned Within 48 Hours

Aug 9, Kathmandu- Messages sent on Whatsapp can now be unsent within 48 hours, i.e. within two days. In a tweet on Tuesday, the company announced that this feature has been implemented.

Recently, any message could be removed for everyone within an hour of sending, but now it can be removed for two days.

In Whatsapp, if the user wants to delete the message sent by him for everyone, he can delete it within two days of sending the message.

Open any group or individual chat to use this feature. Then choose the sent chat.

Then you can see the delete icon on the upper right. After that, if you tap on delete for everyone, the message will be deleted.

But, remember that to use this feature, you and the person you sent must have updated the latest version of Whatsapp.

If there is no update, then the option of delete for everyone is not visible.