Dr. Saru Thapa Awarded With 'Best Dental Charity Award 2022'

Sept 17, Kathmandu- Dr. Saru Thapa, a senior dentist from Chitwan, has been awarded with 'Best Dental Charity Award 2022'. Dr. Thapa was honored with the International Award of Excellence in Dentistry at a program held in Chennai, India.

The award is known as the Oscars of dentistry. Dr. Thapa said that she was very happy to be awarded with this award. She said that this honor is not only for him but for all Nepali people.

Last year, the World Dental Council also announced Dr. Thapa as the best inspirational female doctor. Based on the voting of the Nepal Dental Association, Dr. Thapa, who received the most votes, was sent by the association to represent Nepal.

The award was given in appreciation of quality service to patients in dentistry, and social campaign activity. She was declared the best from more than 133 member countries of the world. She has been active in dental services for the last 16 years.

She is also active in social campaigns and has been distributing relief as well as health camps in poor slums.