After Liger Flopped Ananya Became Filmless!

Sep 22, Kathmandu:  Success is very important in the film industry. It is said that anyone salutes the rising sun while people do not pay much attention to the setting sun. Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey has now become an example of this. Ananya made her big debut with Telugu superstar Bijay Deverakonda's Pan India film 'Liger'.

With this film, Ananya stepped into South cinema. Everyone had hopes for the film. Along with its teaser and trailer, the audience also liked the song. But as soon as the film reached the theatres, the film did not impress the audience much. Because of this, the film was a complete failure at the box office.

Before the release of this film, everyone's eyes were on Ananya's Tollywood debut. He was offered many films before 'Liger'. He was also offered 'NTR 30'. But she did not approve of it. Ananya's plan was that the film 'Liger' would become a hit and then she would act in another film with a hefty salary. She was thinking of asking for a salary of 4 crores as soon as the film became a hit. But it did not happen in reality as he thought.

The film was a complete failure at the box office. After the film flopped, the actress did not change her salary. She is planning to take 2 crores salary for the new film. But he has not received an offer from any South film so far.

The filmmakers have not been impressed by Ananya's performance. This is why no one has offered him a film. The producers of the films that were offered to her earlier have already started looking for other actresses to replace her. agency