A Hospital With An Emphasis On Specialized Services

Sep 23, Kathmandu:  The head of the government and private health service provider organization, which is considered to be the leader in health care, emphasized that it is possible to work together in quality treatment.

The participants of the 'Chitwan Health Coordination and Initiative' program organized by Kantipur Health Online on Thursday said that they can work together to further improve the quality of health services.

The heads and representatives of Bharatpur Hospital, BP Koirala Memorial Cancer, Chitwan Medical College, College of Medical Sciences, NPI Narayani Community Hospital, and Private Hospital Coordinating Committee emphasized that the health services here will be strengthened to work in a coordinated manner. He also said that the hospital here should provide 'one hospital: one specialized service' with identity.

The participants agreed on referring services that are not available in one hospital to another hospital in the district, combining doctors from two or more hospitals to perform complex treatment and surgery at the same place, and doing complex tasks such as hospital waste management. There are two government hospitals, two medical colleges and 22 private hospitals where around 7,000 patients come to get services every day. Patients come here from all over the country including Chitwan.

Dr. Bhojraj Adhikari, chairman of Bharatpur Hospital Development Committee, said that preparations should be made to provide specialized services in one hospital in the district. He said, "Bharatpur Hospital is excellent for maternity, just like the medical college and other hospitals, let's put special emphasis on one service. So that the patient does not have to go out." He said that there is no longer a situation in Chitwan where people have to rush from outside in the morning to examine patients and return in the evening.

President of BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. Nirmal Lamichhane emphasized that the services here should be introduced without further specialization. He said that everyone should emphasize quality service. He said, "We are not only doctors but also citizens here. Our role in the development of its health sector is essential."

Chairman and Managing Director of Chitwan Medical College Prof. Dr. Harishchandra Neupane said that service expansion in the district is getting better and emphasis should be placed on quality. He emphasized that the patients will also benefit when the stakeholders work together. He said, "Now we are not weaker in treatment than anywhere else in Nepal." He said that infrastructure, equipment, and manpower are available in the district to prevent patients from traveling to India and other countries.

Director of College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur Dr. also Nataraj Prasad cited that he did not find a video x-ray doctor in Kathmandu late in the evening and said that the service here is excellent. He said, "We are not satisfied with this, we should provide more quality service, and for that, we should all work together." He added, "The first task is to work together to manage hospital waste." He emphasized that if we can work together with the stakeholders, we will help in the development of the health sector.

In the program, the Medical Superintendent of Bharatpur Hospital Prof. Dr. Krishna Prasad Paudel, Executive Director of BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. Dr. Dejkumar Gautam, Resident Director of College of Medical Sciences. Dr. Manohar Pradhan, Director of Chitwan Medical College. Dayaram Lamsal, Managing Director of NPI Narayani Community Hospital Vishnu Kunwar, and Secretary of Private Hospital Coordination Committee Chitwan Bikram Adhikari said that if they can work in coordination, the quality of work will improve along with the ease of work. They said that even though excellent services can be provided in the district, due to the lack of proper publicity, patients go outside, and they emphasized that this is the only way to provide health services in Nepal.

After the discussion, the Medical Superintendent of Bharatpur Hospital Prof. Dr. A five-member coordination committee has been formed under the coordination of Paudel. Gautam, Executive Director of VP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Resident Director of College of Medical Sciences Dr. Pradhan, Director of Chitwan Medical College Dr. Kunwar is a member of Lamsal and Narayani Community Hospital.

Editor-in-Chief of Kantipur Health Tilak Rim informed that the first program was held in the presence of the head of the hospital along with the concerned bodies of the district.