Affiliation To Engineering College After 12 Years

Sept 25, Kathmandu- Pathibhara Engineering College located at Arjandhara-11 in Jhapa has succeeded in the Kanni battle for affiliation after a decade. Along with physical infrastructure and content management of teaching practice, 12 years ago, the college started the process of relationship for teaching and learning.

Although the government had given a letter of intent to establish the college in Jestha 2069, the administrators were disappointed when the process of affiliation did not proceed due to political issues and infighting. In the name of renewing the letter of intent, the government was taking 6 lakh rupees annually from the college management. After disbursing 72 lakh rupees while renewing the letter of intent, the college was given a formal end of the operation by Purvanchal University this week to take immediate admissions. "After a long effort, the university has given the affiliation", said Yuvraj Prasai, president of the college, "They used to say that even the door will return in 12 years". The same proverb applied to us.

The owner Prasai started goat rearing in the college building 3 years ago after not getting a relationship even after long efforts. "I tried to satirize the government in the battle of relations", President Prasai said, "I gave up because the government did not listen to me". Prasai, who was disappointed that the government did not solve his problem even after knowing that there was a problem on the college campus, was excited by the relationship of the university. Although the Engineering Council had banned the operation of the college eight years ago, the management of the college had to suffer a loss of lakhs of rupees as it was not ready for university affiliation.

The structure built at a cost of 7 crore rupees on one bigha 5 kattha land near Tek Bahadra Giri Bus Park is now in a state of repair. Some of the electronic materials purchased for teaching practice have become unusable. President Prasai says that some materials have been stolen. President Prasai said that the college got affiliated with Purvanchal University in a very difficult and difficult situation. Before the connection, the university team conducted an on-site inspection of the condition of the physical infrastructure of the college. According to Ansar Parajuli, the chief executive officer of the college, preparations are being made to start teaching Mangshir.

He said that there will be teaching in civil, electronics, and computer engineering subjects at the four-year undergraduate level. "We take admission of 48 students in each faculty", said Parajuli, "We are planning to add more subjects in the coming year".