Government Banning The Sale of Buses Without Insurance And Mechanical Tests

Sep 25, Kathmandu:  The government is now preparing to ban passenger vehicles that have not been mechanically tested.

The government is going to implement such a policy saying that 'accidents have increased due to old and defective vehicles. Under the coordination of Home Ministry Spokesperson (Joint Secretary) Fanindramani Pokharel, a committee has been formed to coordinate the prevention, reduction, and solution of traffic accidents on Friday. The meeting held on Saturday the committee has decided to 'prohibit the towing of even uninsured buses' and strict enforcement of the existing rules and laws will be enforced.

The committee has also decided that if the patient has to be transported by air to the hospital due to an accident, then the transportation business federation should bear the expenses. Director General of Roads Department Arjunjung Thapa, Director General of Transport Management Department Tokraj Pandey, DIG Mira Chaudhary of Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office, DIG Vasant Kunwar of Operations Department of Nepal Police, Chief of Armed Police Pashupatinath Bahini Kumar Neupane are on the committee. The government has formed a committee to increase vigilance to reduce traffic accidents and loss of life with the approach of major festivals such as Dasain and Tihar.

With the 14-point decision, apart from making insurance and mechanical tests compulsory, the committee has also decided to put 'time cards' on highways in conjunction with the police, traffic management department and transport professionals to discourage the tendency to drive fast to reach the destination quickly.

Carrying more passengers than the seating capacity and traveling on the roof have been banned, while the police have been given the responsibility of implementing and monitoring the decision. Now the police will have to check regularly. Nepal police and traffic police have already started checking at the bus park and valley main crossing. Advance tickets have also been opened for festivals including Dasain from last September 17.

The Transport Management Department has said that the mechanical test system will be arranged at the main locations of the valley in coordination with the official sellers of medium and long-distance vehicles, traffic police and transport professionals. In order to reduce accidents, to discourage the tendency of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, there will also be a test on insects in the field.