Campion College Offers B.A.W

Sep 25, Kathmandu: Campion College at Sanepa in Lalitpur is going to teach B.A.W this year. This college, which has succeeded in creating a special identity for teaching management faculty, has started teaching B.A.W. this year.

Campion which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and operated by CG Education, has been teaching subjects under the Faculty of Management and Faculty of Humanities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, but this year, the college has announced that it will be teaching B.A.W. Established in 1997, this college is the first choice of students.

Students studying B.A.W. can choose different organizations according to their interests and develop their practice and skills by working while studying. Also, they will be able to make a big contribution to society in the future. After studying this subject, students can get opportunities in NGOs, INGOs, government offices, private organizations, legal offices, and many other fields including clinical and counseling psychology, and build their future.

Now, the college has announced that for the new academic session, it is admitting BBA and BBS in the graduate level of the Faculty of Management and BASW, BA (Psychology) in the graduate level of the Faculty of Humanities. The college has been teaching the students by focusing more on extracurricular activities. Rather than theoretical studies, useful life education is being provided. Which includes the Center of Excellence. Students are made to participate in 6 different programs.

Instead of emphasizing theoretical matters, students are also emphasizing practical matters. Fieldwork, group work, and internship have been given importance to the students. The college has been organizing Unplug program monthly. It has been found that this program has helped the students' talent, skills, experience, and knowledge to change and learn from the group of educated, entrepreneurs and businessmen in the college to change and learn the students' knowledge and their outlook for future promotion and development.

Campion College conducts cultural education training orientation, counseling activities, and other educational programs for the students. In order to facilitate the students, the college has been facilitating the students by conducting entrepreneurship programs and providing employment to students in various organizations through job fairs, guest lectures, visits to various fields, career counseling, etc.