How Many Passed The Medical Registration Certificate Exam?

Sep 25, Kathmandu: Only 42.32 percent of doctors have passed the 64th medical registration certificate examination conducted by the Nepal Medical Council.

43.89 percent of medical candidates and 34.84 percent of dental candidates passed the registration certificate examination held on September 22, 23, and 24.

According to the council, out of 2,600 people who participated in the exam, 863 passed and 1,176 failed. In that exam, 21 people were absent from the exam. Among the participants in the examination, the examination of 1 person has been postponed due to not bringing the specified identity card.

A total of 2,060 examinees participated, 1,705 in the medical field and 355 in the dental field, 740 in the medical field and 123 in the dental field passed. 56.11 percent have failed towards MBBS. 1 thousand 705 people applied for the exam. Out of 1,686 people who took the exam, 740 passed and 946 failed.

In that exam, 65 percent failed towards Dental (BDS). Out of 355 people who applied for BDPS, 2 people were absent. Out of 353 people who participated in the exam, 230 failed. Earlier, 31.79 percent of the examinees passed the exam held on May 25, 26, and 27. It has been mentioned in the notice issued by the council today that the examinee can apply for re-examination within thirty-five days if he is not satisfied with the result of the examination.