Honorary Title Of 'Mrs Nepal Peace' To Actress Reecha Sharma

Sept 27, Kathmandu- Hina Shukla has won the title of 'Mrs Nepal Peace-2022'. She beat 20 contestants and bagged the top title of Miss Photogenic.

Reema Khadka, second runner-up Subina Shakya, third runner-up Seema Sarraf and fourth runner-up Reshma Puri were declared the first runner-up in the competition held at the National Dance Hall in Jamal, Kathmandu.

Rajbhai Suwal, Sita Pathak, Aastha Sakh, Srijana Joshi and actress Sharma were also judges in the competition, in which actress Reecha Sharma was awarded the honorary title of 'Mrs. Nepal Peace'.

Organizer Amy Rauniyar of Amy Entertainment said that the competition was organized with the aim of contributing to the reduction of all kinds of violence against women. Age, married, divorce, weight and height were not any criteria in the competition.