37 More Electric Buses Of Common Transport Have Entered Nepal

Sept 30, Kathmandu- The remaining 37 electric buses of common transport will also arrive in Nepal soon. Publishing a video on Twitter, the company said that the remaining 37 electric buses have left China to come to Nepal. Out of the orders given by the company for manufacturing at the factory located in Nanjing, China, three electric buses arrived in Kathmandu in Baisakh.

Currently, this bus is operating on various routes within Kathmandu. According to the company, the remaining 37 electric buses will reach Kathmandu from Nanjing via Kodari. There is no information about the operation and management of these buses.

On October 8, Shared Transport signed an agreement with China's CHTC Kinwin (Nanjing) Automobile Company Limited for the purchase of 40 buses. The bus has a capacity of 26 seats and is disabled friendly. It is said that these buses can travel 200 kilometers with more than 42 passengers after charging once.