Gothatar Lal Mohammed Murder Case: 3 People Have Been Arrested

Sept 30, Kathmandu- 3 people have been arrested on the charge of shooting and killing Lal Mohammed in Gothatar, Kathmandu.

It is said that all three arrested are Nepali citizens. Police have not released their identities. The police officers have not officially confirmed the arrest. In Gothatar, Kathmandu, on September 19, Mohammed was shot as he got off from the vehicle numbered BA6H 5152. Mohammed, a businessman from Sarlahi, was shot near Krishna temple in Kageshwari Manohara Municipality-8 Gothatar. After he got out of his car, the gunmen chased him and shot Mohammed.

It is suspected that an Indian criminal group may be involved in his murder. It is understood that the three arrested are not the main planners, but people who played supporting roles. It has been revealed from the preliminary investigation that those who were arrested did not plan the murder of Muhammed. The main planner has not been arrested yet", the police said, "Detailed details will be released after the investigation".

A committee was formed under the leadership of SSP Janakraj Bhattarai to investigate the incident. It was discussed that the plan to kill Mohammed was made by Indian citizen Nitin Madan. It is said that Nitin, who has a criminal background and is living in Kathmandu, is involved in various crime incidents.