Consumption Of Petroleum Products Increased Rapidly Throughout The Country

Sept 30, Kathmandu- As the great festival of Nepalese people, Bada Dashain, is approaching, the consumption of petroleum products has increased rapidly across the country.

Compared to the past, with the start of Dashain, the consumption of diesel and petrol has increased by 75 percent, according to Nepal Oil Corporation. Earlier, 2.2 million liters of petrol were consumed. Today, the consumption of petrol has reached 3.5 million liters per day, according to the corporation.

The corporation has informed that 5.5 million liters of diesel are being consumed daily. In the past, an average of 3.5 million liters of diesel was consumed daily. As the general public started to leave the valley to celebrate Dashain, there is a long queue of people filling up fuel at some petrol pumps in Kathmandu.

Government and private offices are closed from today for Dashain. With the release of the office, the pressure to leave the valley has increased.