CM Pokharel's Request To Move Forward By Strengthening The Five-party Alliance

Oct 01, Kathmandu- The Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokharel has asked to strengthen the five-party alliance and move forward.

He said that the system will be strengthened only if the 5-party alliance including the Congress and the Maoist Center is strengthened. He is of the opinion that it is natural for there to be a tug-of-war between the aspirants within the political parties to get the tickets, but after the distribution of the tickets, everyone should be united. In a program organized by the Maoist center Pokhara Metropolitan City Committee on Saturday, Chief Minister Pokharel said that the coalition parties should move forward unitedly.

Chief Minister Pokharel said that even if there is a dispute among the leaders within the party for tickets, they should be united after the distribution of tickets. He said that after the distribution of tickets, the aspirants should not be inconvenienced and work to win the alliance.