Woman Secretary General Of The International Telecommunication Union For The First Time

Oct 01, Kathmandu- Doreen Bogdan-Martin has succeeded in becoming the first woman to be elected Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

ITU is the main organization related to telecommunication technology within the United Nations. Established in 1865 to manage the first international telegraph network, ITU is currently playing an important role in facilitating the use of radio, satellite, and the Internet. Martin will now take over the responsibility of this organization.

Martin was elected to the post of Secretary General, defeating her Russian rival Rashid Ismailov by 114 votes. Earlier, she was working as a director in the Telecommunication Development Bureau of ITU. She was working in the areas of job creation, digital skills development, and inclusion of gender equality.

His candidacy for the top post was supported by US President Joe Biden. Biden said that Martin has the integrity, experience, and vision needed to change the digital landscape.

She is expected to connect every school to the Internet and ensure every student has access to virtual learning, provide women with the digital tools they need to succeed, and play a role in expanding the benefits of online health and educational resources.