Traffic Police Checking Whether Two Drivers Are Available In A Vehicle

Oct 01, Kathmandu- District Traffic Police Office Kapilvastu has started checking whether there are two drivers in the long-distance passenger bus. Chief of Police Inspector Yogendra Timilsina said that there is a risk of the driver falling asleep and causing an accident when there is only one driver in a long-distance bus carrying passengers.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of traffic jam during Dashain and there are frequent incidents of bus drivers falling asleep during the night, it has been strictly enforced. According to the police, after the festival started, they informed the vehicle drivers and now they have started checking whether there are two drivers. On Saturday, the traffic police and Kapilvastu scout conducted a joint investigation.

Long roads with more than 250 kilometers are considered as long roads in section 2 sub-section (r) of the Vehicle and Transport Management Act 2049. Section 104 stipulates that at least 2 drivers should change their turn every 6 hours.

Thaneshwar Aryal of Buddhabhumi 1 Birpur said that despite the law, some vehicle owners are negligent by keeping only one driver for long distances. The police said that if there is only one driver in a long-distance vehicle, action will be taken.