Three Lakh Security Personnel Mobilized For Election Security

Nov 18, Kathmandu- There are only 2 days left for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections. The security agencies have said that all the preparations for the election have been completed.

The Nepali Army, Armed Police Force, and Nepali Police have announced that all security preparations for the elections have been completed. According to the military base, the Nepali Army has deployed 75 thousand soldiers for the elections.

75,000 soldiers have been directly deployed for this election, from ballot printing to aerial patrolling, informed the military spokesperson Assistant, Rathi Narayan Silwal. The army will protect the election by staying in the third circle.

Similarly, Nepal Police has deployed 115,000 police personnel and 71,693 police personnel for security. Spokesperson of Nepal Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Tek Prasad Rai said that the police have mobilized police and regular police in all 77 districts and 165 constituencies of the country for security. DIG Rai said that the police have completed all the work for the security of the polling station.

Spokesperson Rai said that the police have mobilized more than 1,630 vehicles for election security, including 180 vehicles that have been budgeted for by the government, 50 that have been subsidized, and 1,400 that have been rented. According to him, those vehicles have been distributed in all 77 districts based on their needs.

At the same time, the army has provided about 2,500 small arms to the police headquarters. The police head office, through the Ministry of Home Affairs, asked the army for 40 days of arms throughout the election period.

Similarly, armed police have also been deployed for election security. The armed police, which is in the second circle of election security, has deployed 34,838 people for the election, said Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Purushottam Thapa, spokesperson of the armed forces. The armed forces have mobilized police under the command of the Deputy Superintendent of Armed Police (DSP) for election security in all 77 districts. Spokesperson Thapa said that 60 vehicles were purchased, 40 were subsidized and 1,171 were rented from the budget set aside for the election.

The Armed Police is also facilitating the closure of the border crossings between Nepal-India and Nepal-China for the election period. Spokesperson Thapa said that the checkpoint was closed for 72 hours keeping in mind the security of the election.