Today Is The Coldest Of The Year In The Valley

Nov 22, Kathmandu- In Kathmandu Valley today, it has felt colder than any other day of this year. Today, the minimum temperature of Kathmandu has been measured at 7.5 degrees Celsius, the lowest this year. The minimum temperature in Kathmandu was 8.0 degrees Celsius on Monday. With the increase in cold, the Weather Forecast Division has requested everyone to take necessary precautions to avoid cold as there is a possibility that the temperature will decrease gradually.

According to the division, the temperature has started decreasing by one to two degrees Celsius daily on average across the country including Kathmandu Valley. According to the department, the cold temperature starts in the Nepali atmosphere with the influence of the western wind. Since a few days ago, the temperature in the afternoon is decreasing by two to three degrees Celsius.

At present, the weather is generally clear in the rest of the parts of the country, with partial change in the hilly areas of the country. At night, it is said that the weather will be generally clear in the hilly areas of Province No. 1, Gandaki, and Karnali, while the remaining areas will be partly cloudy.

According to the latest information from the department, the minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley today is 7.5 degrees and the maximum temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius.

Similarly, today the lowest minimum temperature of Jumla, -1.7 degrees Celsius, and the highest maximum temperature of Biratnagar has been measured at 28.8 degrees Celsius.