Afghanistan To Start The Auction Of 107 Million US Dollars

Nov 24, Kathmandu- The Central Bank of Afghanistan (DAB) has decided to auction 17 million US dollars as part of efforts to stabilize the exchange rate of the national currency. For the past few weeks, foreign currencies, especially the US dollar, have been depreciating in Afghanistan's currency, the Afghani currency. Last week, the exchange rate of one American dollar was 88 Afghani, while on Tuesday, the rate was 89 Afghani in the local currency exchange market.

For the past few months, the Central Bank of Afghanistan, which has been in crisis, has injected millions of US dollars into the country's currency exchange market to stop the devaluation of Afghani against foreign currencies. The war-torn Asian country of Afghanistan has received more than one billion 500 million US dollars in cash under the humanitarian aid of the international community to provide stability to the economy.