Congratulations To The Nine Parliament Members Of Kathmandu, I Am Eger To Work Together For Kathmandu: Chief Balen

Nov 24, Kathmandu- Kathmandu Metropolitan City Chief Balendra Shah (Balen) has congratulated and wished the newly elected 9 MPs of the district.

He expressed that he is eager to create a better Kathmandu in cooperation with the newly elected parliamentarians. He also said that he has respect for the efforts of all the candidates in the recently concluded elections. He mentioned that newly elected parliamentarians need everyone's support to make the Kathmandu metropolis beautiful, healthy and equitable. The recently concluded election is a tribute to the efforts of all the candidates. Congratulations and best wishes to the elected.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is the capital of the country. Many issues of direct concern to people across the country need to be connected to the Kathmandu metropolis. The problems within the Kathmandu metropolis, their identification, and sustainable solutions can flow positive energy and example throughout the country. But some problems, areas of work, and rights are interrelated in such a way that it is difficult to solve them sustainably by the sole efforts of the metropolis.

'The resources and cooperation of the federal government are needed to solve the problems of river bank management, waste management, Bagmati, Tukucha, Dhobikhola, etc. All of you will be needed to make the Kathmandu metropolis beautiful, healthy and equitable. We are eager to create Kathmandu in cooperation with you', Balen wrote on social media.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City includes Kathmandu 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 constituencies. Balen congratulated and congratulated the parliamentarians who won from nine regions on social media.