Gokul Baskota Close To The Victory From Kavre-2

Nov 25, Kathmandu- CPN-UML candidate Gokul Baskota has been confirmed to be elected in Kavre-2.

Baskota's victory is assured with 5 thousand 9 votes left to be counted. He is ahead of Shiva Humagai of Congress by a margin of 5,469 votes. According to the Election Commission, Baskota got 43 thousand 73 votes while Humagai got 37 thousand 604 votes. Dinesh Humagai, who is the candidate of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has secured 9,277 votes.

In the local elections, Dinesh, who is a candidate for mayor from Congress in Panauti Municipality, has been nominated from RSP this time. Because of this, it is said that this election is not going to be easy for Congress candidate Shiva Humagai.