How Many Votes In Proportional, Who Will Form The Government?

 Nov 25,Kathmandu:  The counting of votes for the House of Representatives(HoR) and State Assembly member elections held last Sunday is continuing.

According to the Election Commission, the CPN (UML) is in the top position in the proportion to the House of Representatives according to the vote counting results till 10:00 this morning. UML which has been taking the lead since the beginning in the counting of proportional votes, has received more than 1 million votes according to the counting results so far.

According to the Election Commission, UML has received 10 lakh 17 thousand 656 votes so far. Nepali Congress is in second place. Congress got 9 lakh 70 thousand 877 votes and Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RSP) is in third place. RSP got 4 lakh 84 thousand 886 votes.

CPN Maoist Center got 4 lakh 46 thousand 594 votes while RSP got 260 thousand 120 votes. While Janata Samajwadi Party got 1 lakh 29 thousand 157 votes, Janmat Party got 77 thousand 259 votes and CPN Unified Samajwadi Party got 71 thousand 667 votes.

Proportional vote also plays an important role in forming the government. Both direct and proportional are calculated to form the government. Who will form the government will be decided on the basis of direct and proportional seats.  In the present situation, it is not seen that a single party can get a clear majority. Everyone is interested in which party will become the largest party in the parliament through both direct and proportional elections.