Demonstrations Against The Covid-19 Policy Intensified In China

Nov 27, Kathmandu- After a fire in an apartment block in Urumqi that killed 10 people, protests against Covid-19 restrictions have intensified in China.

In the city of Shanghai, videos posted on social media by foreign journalists showed thousands of people taking to the streets to remember the victims and protest against the restrictions against Covid-19.

Hundreds of people have called on President Xi Jinping to resign.

Many have said that this incident happened with the fire in the residential building due to the lockdown.

Chinese officials have denied the reason. However, Urumqi officials issued an unusual apology late on Friday and vowed to punish anyone who shirked their duty.

At the gathering in Shanghai, some people were seen lighting candles and placing flowers for the victims.

Others were seen holding white banners chanting slogans like 'Xi Jinping Step Down' and 'Communist Party, Step Down'.

Such demands are an unusual situation within China. Where any direct criticism of the government and the president is severely punished.

Some protestors have even abused the police.