I Am The Natural Candidate For The Prime Minister: Ram Chandra Paudel

Dec 01, Kathmandu- Senior leader of Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Paudel has said that his claim to be the prime minister is natural.

In a press conference organized by Nepal Press Union Chitwan today, senior leader Paudel said that it is a natural demand for him to get the coalition government led by Congress and its leadership. "The majority of the alliance has been reached. A coalition government is formed. The parties are consulting”, He said, "I am a natural candidate for the Prime Minister. Now I am the prime ministerial candidate".

He said that only one candidate will be selected after consultation within the party. Paudel says that there is still an internal consultation within the party. He said that due to the lack of coordination between the coalition parties during the distribution of tickets, they had to face defeat in some places in the election.

Leader Paudel said that he will run the country by combining the enthusiasm of the youth and the experience of the old. He said that the arrival of different forces was taken seriously.