Arjuna And Durga Have Become Parents

Dec 01, Kathmandu- Famous musical couple musician Arjun Pokharel and singer Durga Kharel are going to become parents.

Arjun has expressed his happiness that they are going to become parents through social media. He posted a picture of his wife Durga on Facebook and wrote, "Our happiness is blooming in you, my dear".

Singers like Pramod Kharel and actress Pooja Sharma have congratulated Arjun on the said post. Arjuna and Durga had converted their love affair of a few years into marriage two and a half years ago. Arjun is a very famous musician in the Nepali music sector.

Durga's many songs including 'Sunchu Timile Malai', 'Tyo Kale Kale Keta Le' are popular among sources/audiences.