Which Filed Students Have Higher Salary Among Studied AtCTEVT?

Dec 8, Kathmandu: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) is conducting educational programs at pre-diploma and diploma levels in four categories namely engineering, agriculture, hospitality, and health. Among these, a study has concluded that the people who passed the engineering category are earning the most.

The study conducted by the researchers of the Central Department of Economics and Faculty of Humanities and Sociology of Tribhuwan University under the title of 'Impact Assessment of Technical Education and Vocational Training has released a report that the manpower with engineering degrees earns more than other disciplines.

Engineering graduates are currently earning an average of Rs 17,468.5 per month. Similarly, health subject passers are earning an average of 16 thousand 320.5 rupees, hospitality students are earning 14 thousand 930.6 rupees and agriculture students are earning 12 thousand 893.4 rupees. The average earnings of the total workforce who have passed CTEVT is 15 thousand 656.2 rupees.


Since its inception, 337 thousand 67 students have passed CTEVT. Among them, the study showed that 58.2 people are employed while studying a sample of 1231 students. Similarly, before joining CTEVT, 8.8 percent were employed.

The study showed that their average income is 1815.2. The inflation rate for the financial year 2015/16 to 2020/21 will be reduced by 24.8 percent. At present, educational programs in engineering such as computer, civil, architecture, electrical, mechanical, and geometrical are running in CTEVT.