New Showroom Of EV Nepal Motors In Operation

Dec 09, Kathmandu- EV Nepal Motors has brought a new showroom into operation.

The company launched a new showroom in Naxal, Kathmandu during a special program on Thursday. The company, which has been selling and distributing two-wheelers for a long time, has now opened the showroom with the aim of providing excellent service facilities for four-wheelers.

EV Nepal Motors is a high-class international vehicle distributor brand. It is currently operating the showroom for PT SGMW Motors Indonesia under Wuling Motors as well as launching the Wuling Air EV car with a capacity of four seats made in Indonesia, which is also invested by American G Motors.

Electric vehicles are available in different models and colors. The company claims that Tesla is the second best-selling EV in the world, with a mileage of 200 to 300 kilometers, four hours of battery charging capacity, and an eight-year warranty.

Now, EV Nepal Motors (Bajra Group) aims to increase the dealer network and distribute sales throughout Nepal.