Bikram Lama Says - Netherlands and Croatia's defense is strong but Brazil and Argentina will win

Dec 09, Kathmandu- Footballer Bikram Lama predicts that Brazil and Argentina will win in the quarter-finals of the ongoing World Cup in Qatar on Friday.

He said that although the defense of the Netherlands and Croatia is very strong, there is a problem in finishing. The Netherlands will play against Argentina and Brazil against Croatia in the quarterfinals.

Lama, an influential former midfielder of the national football team and captain of the Three Star Club, says, "The defense of the Netherlands and Croatia is very compact. If they take the game to the tiebreaker by stopping the tie, the result of the game can be anything".

Lama, who is also the president of the Association of Football Players, said that the Croatian team is balanced and a balanced team is very dangerous. "They are playing as a team. The hard work of every player has been seen equal", Lama said.

According to him, Brazil's defense is very strong and they have the ability to quickly deliver power to the opponent's D-box. He says, "If there is a problem with Brazil, it is their finishing". Apart from that, everything is good.

He said that Argentina is very balanced and does not depend only on Messi. "Even if Messi doesn't score, Argentina has shown that they can win the game. It seems that other players are working harder than Messi. Messi can create opportunities even if he does not score. His experience will be very difficult for the opposition", he said.

Lama said that he is not a supporter of any team and learns by watching and understanding good games and players. He predicts that Brazil will win the game on Friday by a maximum of 2-0 goals.

If Brazil scores in the first half, they will win the game easily. "Argentina can win by reaching 1-0 or a tiebreaker", said Lama.