Fewer Teachers Passed In Far-West Through TSC

Jan 15, Kathmandu: The Teachers Service Commission(TSC) is publishing the results of last year's advertisement for teacher selection.

It has recommended the appointment of secondary-level and lower secondary-level teachers. Secondary-level teachers recommended by the commission have been appointed except for exceptions. While the Education and Human Resource Development Center has given instructions to the relevant agencies for the appointment of lower secondary-level teachers. Thus, the results of the written examination at the primary level are being published.

Fewer candidates have passed the written examination for the post of primary level third grade teacher of the Commission than required. The commission advertised for more than 13,000 vacant posts at the provincial level on December 28,  2021. According to the results of the open competitive written (general and subject) examination conducted by the Commission on  April 1 and 27 June 2019, fewer candidates have been selected for interviews in 6 districts.

According to the results released by the commission, 102 candidates have been selected for the interview out of 132 applicants in Darchula. Similarly, in Baitadi, out of 204 candidates, 203 have been selected for the interview.

Similarly, in Bajhang, out of 96 applicants, 77 have been selected for the interview. Similarly, in Dadelghura, out of 95 teachers requested, only 85 have been recommended for interview.

Similarly, in Kailali, 81 out of 74 requests, 80 out of 76 requests in Kanchanpur, and 73 requests in Bajura, 65 people have been recommended for interviews. Similarly, out of 137 teachers requested in the Achham district, 135 have been selected for the interview. Similarly, only 134 people have been selected out of 148 people requested in Doti.

Krishna Bohra, Branch Officer of the Directorate of Education Development, Dipayal, said that due to the introduction of the system of two-stage examination by the Teachers Service Commission, the students passed less than the demanded quota. He said, "Earlier, the commission used to conduct a one-hundred-point subject test at one stage.

Those who passed the test were allowed to participate in the interview." But by changing that arrangement, there is a provision to participate in the second stage examination only after passing the objective test of 100 marks in the first stage. The commission advertised for 1,552 posts for the secondary level and only 1,822 people were recommended for appointment. 370 fewer teachers than required were recommended.

Similarly, the Commission has recommended the appointment of 105 teachers less than the requirement for the appointment from the examination conducted for the 2 thousand 598 vacant posts of lower secondary level third-grade teachers. 88 thousand 519 candidates had joined the general examination for the said post.

  According to the Commission, teachers could not be successful in the promotion through internal competition as per the demand. There are very few teachers who score 100 marks while conducting the 175 full marks exam. The government report has pointed out that there are still 53 thousand 158 teachers at different levels.

In the report published by the team led by Pushparaman Wagh, a member of the National Planning Commission, it has recommended the government arrange 24,384 subject teachers at the secondary level and 53,158 additional teachers at the secondary level. The report also suggested that 6,430 secondary schools should be managed by mathematics, science, and English subject teachers.

But after a long time, as the candidates failed to pass as requested in the advertisement made by the Commission, in the study conducted by the Policy Research Institute at the request of the Commission, experts have pointed out that public schools are suffering from teacher shortage due to the shortcomings in the Faculty of Education.