Malaysia Approves To Bringing 500,000 Foreign Workers

Jan 18, Kathmandu- Malaysia has given the approval to bring in 500,000 foreign workers.

Under the Ministry of Human Resources there, five lakh foreign workers will be taken in various stages through the Foreign Workers Relief Scheme. Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar said that foreign workers will be taken to production, construction, agriculture, and service sectors such as hotels and restaurants. He says that it will be gradually added later if necessary again.

Earlier, through a statement, the minister had said that the government is ready to implement the foreign worker employment relief scheme. He said that employers can advance the recruitment process of foreign workers in construction, agriculture, hotels, and other sectors through a centralized management system.

Earlier, Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Ismail had said that he would allow workers from 15 different countries. Malaysia is the main attractive destination country for Nepali workers.

It is believed that this decision of Malaysia will also benefit Nepali workers.