Millions of Scams In Janak Shiksha: Advocate Neupane Ate Power of authority While Journalists Regmi And KC Corruption Secret

Jan  20, Kathmandu: Journalists and rights activists have drawn the attention of the relevant authorities, saying that the investigation process has not progressed despite the news that Janak Shiksha Material Center Limited is trying to commit crores of corruption in the paper.

The team of journalists Kushlav KC, Sanjeev Regmi, and advocate Yagymani Neupane, worked round the clock to bring out the corruption in public education. A filed a complaint with the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission, and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology the day after the incident.

However, after eight days of filing the complaint, the investigation process has not progressed, they held a press conference at the Reporters Club Nepal on Wednesday and drew the attention of the relevant authorities. They allege that they are trying to commit extreme corruption in about 153,000 kg of paper rolls called damage.

On January 11, the police seized 13 containers containing approximately 153,000 kg of paper. They also revealed that the damaged papers were brought out in Kawadi to be sent to Janakpur and the containers were kept for a few days around the Manohara river and later brought to Janak Shiksha's godown.

Kushal told the journalists that he came to know from inside the secret information that there is a big scam in public education. He said that the corruption of public education seems normal from the outside, but because the future of millions of children is linked to it, they have made the matter public.

Similarly, in the program, Sanjeev Regmi accused the government of delaying the investigation and trying to give immunity to those involved in corruption. He alleges that their suspicions are on the officials of education and the authority is hesitating to investigate the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education showing each other to the authority.

Similarly, advocate Yagymani Neupane complained that even though it has been eight days since they reported the corruption, the state has not shown any interest in it. He commented that serious suspicions have arisen in trying to keep the matter as it is.

He has also requested the government to immediately arrest the general manager of Janak Shiksha, Anil Kumar Jha, head of purchase and head of the store, and take the investigation process forward.